“ Advanced Materials in Pharmaceutics ”

A workshop to discuss the Advanced Materials in Pharmaceutics is arranged on the 13th December, on the first day of the ICNSNT 2018. Dr. Gareth Williams from United Kingdom will be the key person leading the discussions during the workshop. Do not miss this valuable opportunity.

This workshop brings together academic researchers and industry experts to discuss the role of advanced materials in formulation science, and to explore how work done in universities internationally can best be applied to the challenges facing industry. The Sessions will focus on:


  • The need for new pharmaceutical materials and the state of the art in research;

  • Trends in emerging materials;

  • Intellectual property and novel materials;

  • Regulatory requirements and challenges.

Date : 13th December 2018

Time : 4.00 p.m. – 5.30 p.m

Complimentary for all Conference Participants

Your Investment – 2000 LKR

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Resource Speaker

University College London United Kingdom


Dr. Gareth Williams

University College London

United Kingdom